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5 best iPhone features on Apple’s iOS 9

YOU don’t have to buy a shiny new iPhone 6s to get a new iPhone update, with Apple rolling out their latest operating system iOS 9 today.

If you have an iPhone 4s or newer, the update can be found in your settings menu. It’s 1.4GB in size so you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download it.

While it might look like much hasn’t changed on the surface, there are a great new features that should have you updating your iPhone right this second.

As someone who constantly has unsaved numbers ringing me, this feature is a godsend. In iOS 9, your iPhone now has the ability to suggest callers you don’t have in your contacts. It doesn’t work for every number, but if you’ve emailed someone and their phone number is in their signature it will match that up and suggest that person.

Apple users have long had a problem with their iPhone’s battery life. Thankfully, Apple has promised iOS 9 to be more power efficient and includes a low-power mode to save battery even further. This works much the same way that similar modes do on Android by dimming the screen and limiting apps that run in the background.

Without battery saver mode on, you can expect to see around an hour of extra battery life per day. With it on, expect to see around 3 extra hours of battery life per charge.