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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home

True to its name, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home is the ultimate universal remote control. It takes the place of last year’s , and in many ways is a very similar controller.

Aside from the option of a snazzy new white model, the Harmony Ultimate Home could easily be mistaken for the Harmony Ultimate. It has the shape and feel of a standard remote control, albeit one with a 2.4-inch touch screen in the middle. You get physical buttons for channel/volume control, navigation, and playback; everything else can be found on the touch screen.

The remote is glossy on top, with a matte, lightly textured finish on the underside, which makes it feel rubberized and grippy. It measures 7.3 by 2.2 by 1.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.77 ounces, which feels substantial, but not heavy. It has a curve on the bottom that feels natural to grip, along with a piece that juts out underneath the touch screen to make it easier to hold. It’s a lot more comfortable than the remote that came with my TV. There’s a covered micro USB port on the bottom, in between two metal contacts that let you charge the remote in an included cradle.

You also get Logitech’s new Harmony Home Hub, which again looks virtually identical to the Harmony Hub that came with the Harmony Ultimate. The Hub is a small box that works with the remote and uses Bluetooth, infrared (IR), and Wi-Fi to control your various devices. Logitech includes two IR blaster cables, which you can run to nearby components in order to control them even if they’re behind a cabinet. I wish there were an option to get the Hub in white to match the remote, but it’s fairly small and tends to blend in with its surroundings.