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How to Be a Good Customer, DMV without proper paperwork

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Being a customer is an enduring and natural part of our lives, but many people won’t ever experience or embrace the role of doing customer support. This can create a grandiose sense of entitlement due to a lack of understanding.

For most of my life, I was that unfair customer. Harsh emails to customer support about late deliveries or flawed products and threats to write poetically harrowing reviews was my default reaction.

I know the story that a customer tells himself because it’s a story that we all tell ourselves when we’re frustrated: “I am giving you money for a product or service—money that sustains your livelihood and feeds your family—and you’re disrespecting me, not listening to me, and making this even more difficult.”

In a fair world, those companies would cease to exist because customers would just leave. But the world wasn’t built to be fair, and companies that provide awful support often thrive due to proximity and necessity. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality.

Vague, ambiguous questions or concerns beget more back-and-forth between you and the support team. A lack of effort wastes time—your time and theirs. It’s like going to the DMV without proper paperwork—you return home angry, blaming the system and not yourself.