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Symantec Norton Security’s ability to protect Windows

Just how much security do you need? Is antivirus enough, or should you buy a security suite? And how should you protect your Macs and mobile devices? Last year’s .

Symantec has made installing Norton protection extremely simple. You’ll have to enter your license key for the first installation, but after that you simply log in to your Norton account online. From there you can download the installer for your Windows, Mac, or Android device and proceed with installation. You can also send an email to the device you want to protect. Either way, installing protection is a snap.

Norton Security now comes with a Virus Protection Promise. If the product alone can’t remove a virus or other malware from your PC or Mac, Symantec will unleash its remediation experts at no extra cost. And if all their attempts at remote control remediation fail, Symantec will refund the price of the service.

For this review I’m focusing on Norton Security devices. The Mac edition includes most of the same features, though it lacks parental control and password management. We’ll have a review of the updated Android edition soon.